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The Mark Twain Ringers, from Mark Twain Middle School, L.A.U.S.D., offers such a supporting environment for young people who are growing and maturing in an ever changing, complex world.  Yes, they are a very talented group of English Handbell Ringers who perform regularly in Los Angeles and have performed across the United States.  But more importantly, they are a group who have learned to depend on each other for the love and support they need to make it through everyday situations when not with their families.

Our program is intended to create positive thinkers who are successful in academics as well as character.  This program also provides our students with a music experience that promotes good will and cooperation among our students.  Furthermore, our students excel in their academics so that they can participate in performances and weekend workshops away from school.

These young people have had the performing and travel experiences of a lifetime.  They have performed on stage at multiple Olympic Live sites throughout the Greater London Area during the 2012 Olympic Summer Games, performed at theme parks throughout California and Florida as well as performing with many notable artist throughout the United States.  These are, indeed, life changing moments that will make a difference in their lives. They have worked and travelled together to realize their dreams. International experiences are especially important for success in today's global society. Students frequently report that their international travel experiences have been life-changing. 

Academy Award Winner Eric Thiermann, filmmaker, has travelled with us (at his own expense).  His resume is very impressive. Eric Thiermann is a director, producer and founder of the Bay Area's IMPACT. He produced and directed The Last Epidemic, recognized by Life Magazine as the most influential nuclear documentary ever produced. Immediately afterward, he directed and shot In the Nuclear Shadow, nominated for an Academy Award. Two years later, he filmed Women for America for the World, which received the Academy Award for best short documentary.  He has included our ringers in his short film, “For Whom The Bells Toll.” Please click on the link below to learn the true nature of a Mark Twain Ringer, as captured by this film maker.

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