As written by a Young Ringer

       It's quite simple to get the gist of ringing an English handbell. It just takes a few simple steps. You will learn how to hold, ring, and damp the handbell. There are many techniques and different styles in ringing English handbells.

       The first step, is to make sure that, when you pick up the bell, the little handbell sign on the handle is facing you. That is one of the proper holding techniques. The other one is to make sure you put your hand around the handle, and not through the handles’ loop. Finally, you will find out how to ring the bell. Stretch your arm forward, with slight force, making a single circular motion (with your arm). You should have heard a sound coming from the bell.

       It depends on what type of notes you are ringing, how big your circular motion should be. Whole notes would have large motions and eighth notes would be smaller compared to a whole note. In order to damp the bell, your arm must be still forming a circular movement, and then bring it backwards against your chest. In case you don't know what damping is, it is when you make the bell stop ringing by touching it to your chest, the table, or just by stopping it with your hands. One more proper technique in ringing bells is to pretend that you have something in it, like your favorite drink, and if you tip the bell over, then you have nothing. If you keep it upright then you get to drink it.

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